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ATV Endcaps

An 'endcap' is the caption displayed at the end of a programme to inform the viewer of the maker of the programme and usually its year of production / transmission.

ATV used some different styles, and here come some of them, hopefully in chronological order, now:

Here's an ATV Outside Broadcast slide, used for programmes such as Sunday Night at the London Palladium.

sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

This is from an episode of Sunday Night at the London Palladium from 1963.

This is a two-part epic endcap! They showed this one first...


....then this one.

sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

Bernard Delfont was a famous 1950s/60s impresario, and as part of the deal allowing his artists to perform, he got his name on the endcap.

He had closer ties to ATV than this caption gives away - He was Lew Grade's brother.

Here's another fact: Lew Grade's other brother Leslie was Michael Grade's father.

(Thanks to Tony Llewellyn)


The run-of the-mill black-and-white endcap, this one from 1964.

Here's one that at first glance looks the same as the previous one - but not quite!

The word 'production' is lower down, and this caption is probably a colour caption that has the word 'colour' blanked out.

Is this one possibly from the ITV colour strike of 1970? It came from a Bob Monkhouse fronted Golden Shot.

Compare it with the colour version below.

The same endcap as above - but sometimes it was used as a negative.

sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

This is an early colour endcap, the same as the monochrome one except in colour and it says "colour" :-)

There's still no datestamp.

This is available as wallpaper from the ATV Fun Stuff page.

ATV were chroma keying endcaps onto the end of programmes from quite early on, as this endcap from the 1973 programme James Paul McCartney shows.

sub-TV Image

I'm guessing that this endcap is from some point in 1973, as, like the previous ones, it has no date on it.

Robert Greenway asks: "I'm sure that, in the seventies (I think 1973), whilst I was at school, we had an English programme called You're Telling Me. This ended with the ATV in a box end cap, but had "An" above it. I wonder if anyone else remembers this?"

Can anyone verify?

The different shades of blue on these two endcaps could be a combination of three things:

  1. A physcially different coloured background;
  2. Colour balance of the telecine machine;
  3. The top endcap is from VHS, and in turn probably came from a format such as N1700, so the different video formats may have altered the colours.

This endcap is from 1973. The proportions of the logo and text are different than in later endcaps, but similar to the one above.

The text that says, "COPYRIGHT ATV NETWORK..." is in a similar (could well be the same) font as the "AN ATV COLOUR PRODUCTION" endcap above, and is bolder than the font used later.

This is the earliest known example of a dated colour endcap.

(Thanks to Steve Yates for this image)

sub-TV Image

6th April 2005

It's indistict here, but this one's from 1974.

Notice how the copyright message is in mixed case rather than all in capitals.

Here's a nice black one from 1975. The endcaps did not change style after this was introduced - although the colours and backlgrounds did....
sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

They used to do some weird stuff with the ident occasionally, like this example from a 1978 edition of music show Revolver.

Revolver was presented by Peter Cook, who played a dance hall owner who had to hire punk bands to stay open.  Co-presenter was BRMB DJ Les Ross, who had a barbecue and fed burgers to kids.  So-called because the stage revolved.

Arthur Vasey remembers that Revolver went out at around tea-time, but was moved to a post-watershed slot because of the content of some of the songs!

This is your bog-standard ATV endcap, with blue background and yellow text and graphic.

From 1980.

This is available as wallpaper from the ATV Fun Stuff page.

sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

Here's a special endcap used for Tiswas in 1980.

A lovely brown colour!

Whilst we're on the subject of ATV doing strange things with their endcaps, Andrew Wiseman says "Additionally, ATV used an animated version of the boxed-symbol endcap where the top eye would look up and then down before returning to look at you. The Colour Production/Presentation letters would then slide in from the sides. I only remember seeing this once or twice." Can anyone remember this, or better yet, have a copy?

Robert Greenway adds: "Yes - I remember this. The top solid part would flip over and over and the stripes of the bottom half would shoot up and over. I don't think the ATV symbol ended up in its box though. This would be about 1977 and wasn't used for long."

  This one, from 1981, appears to have different shades of blue and yellow....


sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

...than this one. The date at the bottom is 1981.

This is another chroma-keyed endcap, this time from 1981. It's come from the end of an episode of Crossroads when Meg Mortimer leaves on the QE2, the ship pictured at Southampton harbour.

This episode, being quite important, was bound to have been played out with the Paul McCartney and Wings' version of the Crossroads theme!

The superimposed endcaps are quite striking.

(With thanks to David Edwards, Richard Bell and 'Ed')


sub-TV Image


sub-TV Image

This is a special Christmas endcap, from 1981 - just before Central took over.

  Presentation slide b/w

On to 'presentation' slides now. Presentation slides were used when the preceding programme was a film or an import.

This one is from 1964.


This is a black and white presentation slide from the colour era.

Andrew Wiseman confirms that this particular one was used at the end of black and white films.

I think they also had a yellow-on-blue one as well (which said Colour Presentation).

sub-TV Image


Many thanks to Steve Yates for some of these pictures.

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