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The Presentation of Schools' Programmes

Before the widespread use of video recorders, when TV was still a magical broadcast medium, schools used to have a TV Room. This was a darkened room in which the school's TV lived.

Teachers used to take their students from their usual classroom to the TV Room. When the credits rolled on a programme, pupils left the TV Room allowing another group to take their place.

Teachers needed time to swap classes over and to get them settled and prepared for watching their programme. Broadcasters had special intervals to allow this to take place.

This is where these pages comes in.

BBC Schools

A chronological journey through BBC Schools presentation.

sub-TV Image

A chronological journey through ITV Schools Presentation, including some from CH4 and S4C.

Please note that this section is in three parts:
Part 1, which looks at 1957-78,
Part 2, which looks at the period 1978-1987, and
Part 3
, from 1987-the present.

sub-TV Image A collection of BBC and ITV Schools interlude MP3s