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Schools Music MP3s

Here is a selection of BBC and ITV schools interlude music. Most are from my personal collection, but one or two have been downloaded from the Internet. I don't know who the downloaded files originally came from, as they were converted from RealAudio to MP3 a while ago, losing the file information in the process. If you recognise any of these as being yours, please let me know.

If you can put names to any of these, or can supply me with longer versions, please let me know.

If you have more of the same that you'd like to donate, I'd be happy to host them for you!

Thanks to Simon Luxton and Simon McLean for help with the titles of the music!


BBC Schools Interlude Music
ITV Schools Interlude Music
Bart (828kb) - by US band Ruby

Courtesan (374kb)
(comp. Alec Gould)
Used 1981

Russian Doll (404kb)
(comp. Alec Gould)
Used 1981
BBC_Schools2 (247kb)
Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin) - US Army Chamber Orchestra. Same piece as BBC_Schools4, below.[Simon McLean]
Courtesan (longer) (1.1Mb)
(comp. Alec Gould)
Used 1981

BBC_Schools3 (977kb)
'Argentina', composed by Janschens/Jaenschens/Chorrt, this is an instrumental version of a German pop song from the late '70s. [Simon McLean]

This is a 1978 recording by guitarist Francis Goya - released in the UK on a Sonet single. [Al Dupres]

Sunny Woodlands (456kb)
(comp. Johnny Pearson)
BBC_Schools4 (447kb)
'Maple Leaf Rag', composer Scott Joplin, later used as the theme to 'Ask the Family', in its more common piano arrangement. [Simon McLean]
Middle Of The Day (494kb)
(comp. R. Holman/S. May) - Lightspots era
Used 1974
BBC_Schools5 (1.9Mb)
An arrangement of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons: Winter - Largo' [Simon McLean]
Fun and Games (451kb)
Fun and Games (comp. Unknown)
Used 1975
BBC_Schools6 (489kb)

Beadle-Um-Bo (1.08Mb)
(comp. Norman Warren) - Lightspots era

BBC_Schools7 (662kb)
'Aquarius', from the musical 'Hair' (composers: Rado/Ragni/Macdermott) [Simon McLean]
The Falcon (243kb)
(comp. Martin Kershaw)
BBC_Schools8 (473kb)
'Let's Call the Whole Thing Off' (comp. George Gershwin) [Simon McLean]

The Maypole Dance (followed by Over To You theme) (795kb)
(comp. Alec Gould)
(Over to You Theme: Funky Chicken, comp. Alan Hawkshaw [Simon McLean])

BBC_Schools9 (522kb)
Embraceable You (George Gershwin) [Simon McLean]

Fun and Games (70s) (235kb)
(comp. Unknown)

BBC_SchoolsA (1.4Mb)
Theme from 'Justine' - Bruno Nicolai [Simon McLean]
The Journey (Full Version) (5.5Mb)
ITV Schools on CH4 music (comp. James Aldenham) [Simon Luxton]
Unidentified Piece (329kB)
Accompanied the early version of the Pie Chart

Just A Minute (506kB)
ITV Schools on CH4 clock music (comp. James Aldenham) [Simon Luxton]

S4C Clockwork Dragon Music (1.46Mb)
(comp. Unknown)
Avez-Vous Le Tempo (597kB)
(comp. Norman Warren) - Lightspots era
Used 1975
Finale to a Dance Suite (535kB & 325 kB)
(comp. Thomas Arne) - 1960s

1960s Schools Interlude - 1 (3.6Mb, 12m15s)

  • Serious Doll, A Wagon Passes, Merry Doll, Aubade (Elgar's Nursery Suite)
  • 5 seconds silence
  • Finale to "A Dance Suite" (Thomas Arne)

    [Contributed by Richard G. Elen]

1960s Schools Interlude - 2 (3.5Mb, 11m56s)

  • Dreaming, Busy-ness (Nursery Suite)
  • 18th Century Suite (5 short pieces, composer unknown)
  • 5 seconds silence
  • Finale to "A Dance Suite", Thomas Arne

    [Contributed by Richard G. Elen]

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ITV / CH4 / S4C Schools
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