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This page last updated on Friday, October 13, 2006 at 9:45:57 AM

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ATV Oxford Transmitter Promo

How can anyone make the coverage area of a transmitter entertaining for the public?

ATV could - and did - they made the ATV Oxford TX promo!

sub-TV now has the original video, a transcript and an edit of the full music, X-Cert by Johnny Hawksworth - so let's have some fun with it, by having a go at it yourself!

Why not record your effort and send it in, and we'll post it here? Files must not be in RealAudio - preferably MP3 or compressed WAV. Anything compressed really, except RealAudio! Send your attempts to

The version embedded below is a low-bitrate version - there's a better quality one on the ATV Zooms, Frontcaps and Other Great Stuff page. If you don't see anything, you'll have to download it and open your player yourself :-(

Before we start, some elocution lessons may be necessary: Pronounce 'Malmsbury' as 'Mormsbury' and 'Towcester' as 'Toaster.'

And press 'play' after you've said, "Do you live in:"

Have fun!

Do you live in:

Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Bampton, Burford, Watlington, Brackley, Swindon... or Stony Stratford?

Bicester, Deddington, Charlbury, Malmsbury, Towcester, Wolverton, Tring... or Banbury? Or Whitchurch?

Wallingford, Farington, Wantage, Buckingham, Woodford Halse, Goring, Aylesbury, Haddenham... or Lechlade?

Or even in Princes Risborough, Chipping Norton or Leighton Buzzard?

If you do, ATV brings colour to your area from the new Oxford transmitter.