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A Selection of BBC2 Idents and Shorts

These images of BBC-2 idents and shorts were found by a colleague of mine, Chris Shone, in the Art Department at work. They are nicely mounted onto bits of card and appear to have been cut out of a magazine.

All of the images have been scanned and reproduced here. Some of these I don't recall seeing, but they're presumably all from the early nineties as some have the old slanted BBC logo underneath.

If you can put names to these pictures, please let me know.

There is a more complete collection, some with RealVideo, at Darren Meldrum's comprehensive BBC-2 Ident Zone and there are some modern 2 idents at Asa Hicks' UK-Television.

Eerie Warm 2 Edge
Eerie Warm (Spring 1993) Image 2 Edge (Spring 1993)

Wacky 5 6
Wacky (Spring 1993) Image 5 Image 6

7 8 9
Image 7 Image 8 Image 9

10 Birth Night Scan Ident Xmas ?? Symbol
Image 10 Birth Night Scan Ident Xmas '92 Symbol

War and Peace A Night of Love Silk
War and Peace A Night of Love Silk

Powder Paint Blade
Powder Paint Blade

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