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ATV Clocks

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Here they are - two examples of ATV's digital clock from the 70s onwards. Wouldn't it be nice to see them in action again? Now you can - click on the images above or the links below!

Click here to launch the blue clock and here to launch the black version

Here's an example of an ATV clock from the 60s (I don't know when exactly).

Here they've built the circular clock face into the bottom shadowed eye, cleverly branding the clock without it explicitly saying 'ATV'.

Not only that, click the picture to see one of Dave Jeffery's marvellous Flash re-creations - that displays this clock with the time set on your computer! For a full-screen view, click on the image and then hit the 'maximise' button.

You can see more of Dave's work, including more clocks, at Andrew Wiseman's 625, at ATV Testcards or ATV Startups.

(Picture used with permission from the Transdiffusion archives)

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We've no image for this clock - can anyone help?


Alex Trelinski says that there was an ATV Clock introduced in late 1975 that "had no ATV logo on it, [and that] occupied the middle of the screen bordered by a circle with a fair amount of empty screen.

"Memory serves me that the background was quite light blue, with clock graphics in white - an hour and minute hand, with white blobs for the seconds."

For clarity, here's the same clocks from above.

The digital clocks were aired just before the news (and certain other programmes, like World of Sport) and at closedown.

Apparently the digital clock was in use by 1971 - can anyone supply a date for this change?

This of course begs the question: did ATV use the analogue clock between the introduction of colour and 1971? If so, what colours were used?

Please email me if you know!

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sub-TV Image

I've no idea why there were two clocks (one blue and one black).

Perhaps the black clock was used earlier in the 70s (I doubt this), they just fancied a change, or the black one was used for times of national mourning.

It will have been easy to change as the colours would have been added electronically.

As a matter of interest, Central used the same clock, but obviously with the Central symbol.

I don't have a good enough picture of the Central globe in order to do a Central Javascript clock :-(

"Now on Central, it's time for World of Sport."

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