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A Tour of the Fenton TV relay station, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Part 2

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Here's another shot of the dishes. The camera is facing north here. sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image

Here's another clue to what goes on here - there's a Cellnet logo on the side of this brick building. This must be a mobile phone point of presence.

Various paging equipment is installed here too.

A warning sign on the side of the main mast - "Do not climb this mast." There was other text, but being a duffer I never thought to take a shot in high quality mode on the digital camera. sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image The view from the top. In the foreground is Berryhill Industrial Estate, (nice) and the tall buildings are in Hanley.

The masts themselves are a dominant presence in the city - they are visible for miles around, particularly if you travel south down the A500.

Relay: Fenton

Station No.: 102.11

ERP: 10kW

In Service Date: 21/1/72

sub-TV Image
There are more transmitters at Mike Brown's
There's loads on the Lichfield mast and tower over on Bob Cotton's Lichfield Memories.

There is a page with some information about an American transmitter here.

Many thanks to David Harrison for some information on these pages.

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