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625 : Andrew Wiseman's Television Room Interesting site, has bits on PIFs and logos.  Contains useful FAQs about digital TV, PDC and others.  
Afternoon Programmes Follow Shortly Some nicely done "What Ifs" - if the history of independent television has been different...
A Toast To TV-am All about Britain's commercial breakfast TV franchise holder.
ATV Unofficial Website Sadly no more, but hopefully Roddy will contribute some of his pages to this site!
ATW - Another Television Website Site with sections on Grampian, Central, Anglia, Channel 4, the BBC and ITN.
Bob Cotton's Lichfield Memories Some marvellous resources on here, lots of pictures of the Lichfield mast (and the earlier tower) with some cine film shot when the old tower was dismantled and the new mast was built.

Dave Jeffery's Shockwave Idents

Nicely done Shockwave renditions of TV idents. Home to the Transmitter Gallery and Teletext Then and Now.
Harlech House of Graphics Wonderful site about Welsh television continuity from its inception to the present day.  Well researched.
HTW: Historical Television Website Interesting television history site.  Has a page on 1960s schools broadcasts.
Independent TeleWeb Extremely useful site covering the history of various ITV companies through the years. Academic.
ITV Schools Nice site covering ITV schools, focusing on the period after 1987.
ITV Southern England Covers Southern TV and TVS with lots of Realmedia.
Jingle Ark Lots of jingles and music from radio and TV over the years
Look and Read A guide to the classic BBC Schools series, plus lots of other info
Test Card and Break Music from the early days of Channel Four Lists of library music used on CH4 Test Cards and TV programmes.
Meldrum Home Page One of the first and best TV ident sites.  Home to the Test Card Gallery, amongst others.
Transdiffusion Transdiffusion is a large TV presentation site that also has a monthly magazine section.
TV Ark Loads of idents, jingles and themes to download, mainly in RealMedia, but there are a few AVIs there too.
Television South-West Not only about TSW, but all ITV contractors whom have served the south-west of England.
The Test Card Circle Interesting site devoted to the test card, interludes and their music.
Testcards Testcards from around the world.  Frightening backdrop.
The 1989 ITV Corporate Look Site that covers the attempt made by ITV to unify its presentation.
The Unofficial Thames TV Page Covers Thames' history.  
TV Archive Covers the BBC, the ITV regions, CH4 and C5 with mostly contemporary images, sounds and RealVideo.
TV Home Well-presented contemporary idents site.
The TV Room TV idents site, with a slant towards the Northern Irish.
TV World Tons of RealMedia here.  Good pres. archive.
UK Tv Channel idents Ident site which uses the Vivo file format.
Vintage Broadcasting Very useful site with lots of audio and video you won't see anywhere else!
WebFax TV site with a difference - the graphics are similar to those used in analogue teletext. Has pages on the BBC Colour Trade Tests, amongst others.


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