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ATV Identity


sub-TV Image

This is a typical regional ident. Note the blue background.

This caption was used when there was no in-vision announcer. Peter Davies, an out-of-vision announcer, used to do the continuity in the daytime between 9.30 and 5.40 from 1980.

Peter also read the local news occasionally (rarely!). [Alex Trelinski]

Peter was also the first announcer on Sky Channel when it moved to the Astra satellite in 1989.

(Thanks to Stephen Hyden for info)

This is the same ident, but with a black background. I don't remember seeing this one at all!

Any ideas on what this black variant was used for?

sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image

This is a white logo on a black background, and the word "Colour" is conspicuously missing from the bottom.

Could this have been used before the widespread availability of colour, or perhaps before a black and white film?

On to timepieces, now...

Here's the ATV clock. At this time of night, the announcer would be wishing us all a good night, before playing a strange church organ rendition of the national anthem.

Go here to see the ATV clock working again, and for more on ATV/Central clocks!

sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image


I can't imagine this ever being broadcast - I suspect it's from an ATV Christmas Tape.

Christmas Tapes come from the VT departments of the ITV regions and the BBC.

Various VT departments would compile tapes of cock-ups and then hold a competition to find the best one.

The purple colours will hve been added electronically.


This type of caption, with the small ATV logo at the bottom left, was used when the announcer was trailing a programme.

"In half-an-hour, a brief summary of the day's events in the region in ATV News."

sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image

In keeping with the idents above, there was a black version of the clock.

"But first we go over to the studios of ITN for News At One." (Or maybe First Report :-) )

More on clocks

I would guess that the ATV News signature tune would be played over this caption...
sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image

Of course, after the news, in time-honoured tradition, comes the weather.

The announcer would give a more detailed forecast over this caption.

If the weather was going to be really bad, the announcer would give details over this slide.

sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image

sub-TV Image

Time for a breather, with an interval.

I guess that that ATV (and I suppose all ITV stations) would have intervals when there was a break between programmes not worth doing a full closedown/start-up routine for.

Arthur Vasey recalls: "sometimes [Tyne Tees] didn't show ads in the mornings ... - and intervals were often broadcast to fill in time between programmes."

A Beethoven piece was played over this image.

If the programme line-up had to be changed, the announcer would let people know with a voiceover.

"...a change to programmes as billed in your TV Times..."

sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image
There's no logo on the bottom left of this one, for some reason.

This looks like a catch-all slide for children's programmes.

sub-TV Image
sub-TV Image

This is a late slide I think, possibly from 1980/81. The characatures were done by one of ATV's in-house graphic artists, Chris Wroe.

(Thanks to Richard Bell for info)

You can see the introductory animation to the ATV Thursday Picture Show here.

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