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This page last updated on Friday, October 13, 2006 at 8:45:58 AM

What's New

Dots Icon7th April 2005

A year without any updates... how awful! Never mind, there's:

Dots Icon25th April 2004

A couple of ATV endcaps have been added to the ATV Fun Stuff page, available as ZIPped bitmap files.

Whilst I was at it I took the liberty of updating the ATV Endcaps page with a new early chroma keyed endcap, a couple of cleaner images, and some more text.

A new link has been added, too - if you're interested in transmitters and masts then check out Bob Cotton's Lichfield Memories.


Dots Icon4th January 2004

Happy New Year!

Time for some ATV updates, now! Colour Zoom fans will love this: there's new Colour Zooms uploaded in web quality, and, best of all, VideoCD quality so you can burn them onto a CD and watch them on the telly where they're supposed to be seen!

There are new, clean, high resolution versions of:

  • The grey background ATV Colour Zoom ident
  • The same but with the light blue background
  • The Zoom used on ATV programmes after Central came into being, with the Central Presents slide

I'm quite pleased with the blue one, as, although I've done some digital restoration on all of the clips the blue one had the first few frames missing. It doesn't now! :-)

Catch up with all those Zooms on the Zooms and Other Great Stuff page.

Not only that but there's a new complete ITV Schools junction in the ITV Schools section. Warning: this clip may contain scenes of Basic Maths and Fred Harris!

We've also a more minor addition in that there's an odd ATV endcap been dicovered.


Dots Icon7th December 2003

Schools Diamond fans will love this remarkable update! Thomas King has discovered the only known complete BBC Schools Diamond sequence, complete with announcement and the credits and titles of the preceding and following programmes.

Thomas also supplied an unusual slide of the Diamond. See both the full Diamond video and strange slide on the BBC Schools page - as usual, flagged as a new addition.

The 1990s ITV Schools page has had a small update, with more information on the designers of the first graphics that ITV Schools had when the programmes were moved to Channel Four.

There's a bit more information on the BBC Schools pages about the static slides used by BBC Schools when they were occasionally moved to BBC2. Also on that page, there's a bit more on the BBC schools Pie Chart and another contribution to the debate on when the Diamond was introduced.

Dots Icon9th November 2003

A fantastic new addition this time! Andy Martin had a rich career in ITV, working with ATV, Yorkshire, Southern and Central.

Read the first part of Andy's detailed account of the inner workings of ATV presentation, along with some unique photographs and slides.

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